Born and raised in a small town, formed by the creativity in Rotterdam.

Hi, my name is Machiel. Co-founder and design lead at Wavelight.co, and ux designer at September.

All about the audience

Design is thinking about the people who are using the product.

Brands who dare to take the next step

Working with people who dare to do something new and take a new step into there digital succes is what I love!

Small town man

Starting my life from a small town, I moved to Rotterdam. There, i found the creativity I needed to do what I love, design digital products. So, I moved back!

My skills

Let's do something I like.


Visual design

Visual design is getting crazy in Figma. Trying new things to see how they work in the world wide web. You want a sick app, fancy website or just an awesome landing page? Love to see what we can create together.


UX / UI Design

Innovative designs to help you reach the goals your company needs. Trying to find that one pixel-perfect solution for your audience or users. To create the best outcome I work with different methods to research the user experience. Using customer journey maps, wireframing, testing, prototyping, testing and create a perfectly fitting design.


Visual identity

Creating an identity for your brand? We create the vision of your brand and transform it to an creative design. Make your brand from start to finish. We find the best fitting colors, typography, use of images and tone of voice for your brand.

Let's create something awesome

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